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Meet the new kid on the block.  The Series 3 delivers more power all at once than any other battery in our lineup.

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Glowe Voltage

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Meet the new kid on the block.  The Series 3 delivers more power all at once than any other battery in our lineup.

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*Out of Stock!  Keep an eye out for additional deals on anything we offer in less than perfect cosmetic condition.

This listing is for **B STOCK** Series 3 batteries.  During the manufacturing process these were not clamped long enough, so the lids lifted slightly exposing the white adhesive being used.  They are functionally perfect, and the lids ARE secure now that the adhesive has completely dried.

Our loss is your gain.  OUT OF STOCK


Elevate your car audio experience to new heights with the Glowe Voltage Series 3 LifePo4 Battery. Designed with car audio enthusiasts in mind, this powerhouse of a battery delivers an unprecedented 720 amps of sustained output, ensuring your sound system operates at its peak performance.  This is the perfect single-battery solution for your 12,000 watt amplifier, even with a stock alternator!

Key Features:

  1. Massive Power in a Compact Form: The Glowe Voltage Series 3 defies expectations by packing an extraordinary punch of power, boasting up to 720 amps of sustained output. Experience jaw-dropping audio performance without compromising on space.
  2. Optimized for Car Audio: Tailored specifically for car audio systems, this LifePo4 battery enhances the efficiency and longevity of your setup. Unleash the full potential of your amplifiers and speakers with a reliable power source.
  3. Versatile Compatibility: Whether you’re using lead acid or AGM batteries, the Glowe Voltage Series 3 seamlessly integrates into your existing system. It complements and enhances the performance of your current setup.
  4. Maximized Charging Potential: With a maximum charging voltage of 14.8v, this battery ensures rapid charging, keeping downtime to a minimum. Spend more time enjoying your music and less time waiting for your system to charge up.
  5. Compact Footprint, Unmatched Power: Experience the best of both worlds – a small footprint that doesn’t compromise on power. The Glowe Voltage Series 3 is the epitome of power efficiency and space optimization.
  6. Best for Large Car Audio Amplifiers: Elevate your car audio game with the best battery for large amplifiers. The Glowe Voltage Series 3 ensures a steady and powerful supply of energy, allowing your amplifiers to deliver a performance that’s nothing short of spectacular.


  • Ideal for high-performance car audio systems.
  • Perfect for enthusiasts with large amplifiers and power-hungry setups.

Upgrade Your Sound System with a Glowe Voltage Series 3:

Transform your car audio experience with the Glowe Voltage Series 3 LifePo4 Battery. Unrivaled power, compact design, and compatibility with various battery types make it the go-to choice for audio enthusiasts. Elevate your ride, amplify your sound – choose Glowe Voltage Series 3 for an audio experience like never before.


We recommend this battery especially for people running builds in excess of 12k watts on music. 

Series 3
Chemistry:  LifePo4
Capacity:  20ah
Discharge:  720 amps (over 12 volts constant)
Max Charging (V): 14.8
Max Charging (A): 400
Cycle Life: 4,000
Charging Temperature: -40c to 65c
Discharging Temperature:  -43c to 70c
Reserve Capacity:  20 amp hours
L/W/H:  6.5″ * 4.5″ * 6″
Weight:  8lbs
Internal Active Balancer:  Yes

Click this comparison to see the Series 3 in action! Glowe Voltage Lineup

S1 vs S2 vs S3

**Not recommended for under-hood use**


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