Glowe Voltage – Series 2

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Glowe Voltage’s premier car audio battery.  We designed this battery from the ground up with one thing in mind: your amplifiers.

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Glowe Voltage

Only the best

Glowe Voltage’s premier car audio battery.  We designed this battery from the ground up with one thing in mind: your amplifiers.

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Voltage issues?  Need extra power for your amps?  Designing a monster car audio system?  If so, you’re in the right place.

Quite possibly the best car audio battery ever made, the GV-S2 is able to support a 12,000 watt amplifier with stock charging.  No other LifePo4 battery comes even close to this level of performance at this price.  In fact: this battery easily outperforms others that are nearly 3x the cost.

Instead of just making wild claims about how good these batteries are – let us demonstrate.  Check out how well the battery performs on stock charging in the video below:

It’s time to stop using battery technology that’s over 10 years old.  Ditch your explosive CMAX cells.  Get rid of the absurdly large rows of used Headway batteries.  Welcome to the future.

Chemistry:  Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePo4)
Recommended for:  Up to 12,000 watt amplifiers (Stock alternator)
Capacity (rated): 48 ah
Capacity (tested):  48.3 ah

Discharge (sustained): 460 amps continuous over 12v
Discharge (burst): 535 amps over 12v
Discharge (Short burst): 600 amps over 12v
Discharge (peak): ~1,000 amps

Recommended Charging Voltage: 13.8 – 14.8 volts
Max charging (sustained):  300a
Max charging (30s burst):  480a

Minimum Temp (Discharge): -40C
Maximum Temp (Discharge): 70C
Minimum Temp (Charge): -20C
Maximum Temp (Charge): 65C

10.5″ width | 6.5″ depth | 8.5″ height
12 pounds

The GV-S2 is now better than ever!  This is an actual discharge test we did pulling over 530 amps of current:

Series 2 High Discharge

Batteries are shipped under 30% state of charge and should be charged prior to install.  You can find our recommended charger here:  Battery Charger – 10 amps.

*Supported wattage based on several amplifier manufacturer’s maximum music output ratings. 
      -Taramps MD 12000.1 maximum music consumption:  602 amps
-Sound Digital EVO 12000.1 maximum music consumption:  627 amps

The Series 2 is lithium made easy and can be used with your vehicle’s OEM lead acid/AGM battery without issues.

Not recommended for under-hood use

4 reviews for Glowe Voltage – Series 2

  1. Steve Cotton (verified owner)

    Switched from 2 AGM 100ah batts to 1 Glowe, and what a difference!! I do extended jams at car shows with the engine off, and with the AGMs my voltage was down to 11.2 but with the Glowe it stays above 13!! Awesome

  2. Tommy (verified owner)

    This battery is awesome did not want to upgrade my alternator put this in running 9000 Watts no voltage drop. Best bang for the buck going to be getting another one

  3. Anthony White

    I pre-order my Glowe voltage lithium batteries and I was a little skeptical at first but after receiving it I was all but satisfied to the fullest. I ran 2 AGM batteries and wasn’t sure how it was going to work out, but let me tell you I still have one under the hood disconnected, and I have no intentions on connecting it. This thing works. I’m very satisfied.

  4. Christian Gunderman (verified owner)

    Glowe Voltage Series 2 is a beast! Picked this battery up to get more performance then my stock battery could offer. On top of not wanting to upgrade my alternator right away. Stock battery delete in 2007 Cadillac Dts, only using the Series 2. Taramps Smart 5 pushing a single American Bass Xmaxx 12. I can full full tilt no problems whatsoever and my Voltage stays above 14v. Car on or off, all this with stock alternator. Once again I can vouch for this thing, absolute beast!

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