Glowe Cells – Ultra Big Ass DIY Kit – 180 Amp Hour


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Need capacity?  Need power?  Need both in a compact footprint with a sleek design?  This is for you.

Welcome to the future.

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Glowe Voltage

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Need capacity?  Need power?  Need both in a compact footprint with a sleek design?  This is for you.

Welcome to the future.

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What’s the deal with this “Ultra Big Ass DIY Kit”?

For those familiar with the old 38120 Headway LifePo4 cells, imagine a 96ah headway setup.  Now imagine that same setup in a smaller footprint with a lot more power output, and nearly double the capacity.  For good measure, sprinkle some cocaine on it and give it a mean streak.

That’s kind of what to expect from this DIY kit.  Instead of 96ah, you get a massive 180ah of storage capacity.  Instead of ~480 amps of output, you get 1,000.  These are Headway evolved.  The next generation of high-performance, low maintenance cylinder cells that blow away the competition. This kit contains everything needed to assemble (bus bars, cells, bolts, and a 5a active balancer) what is potentially the craziest DIY setup ever offered.  Easy assembly and no need for compression makes this setup easy enough for beginners to assemble in about an hour while offering enough power for even the most demanding audiophiles and bass heads.

Using ultra-safe Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry specifically tailored for OEM voltage range means this setup can be used with your stock alternator to support up to a 15k-20k watt amplifier with ease*.  High output alternator?  Bump those numbers up accordingly.

Do you really NEED this much power?  Probably not.
Should you still have it anyways?  Absolutely.

Almost as important?  This battery bank looks AMAZING.  These cells have a white PVC jacket with the simple but sleek “Glowe Voltage” logo going down one side.  If there’s one thing we hope most people know about us at this point, it’s that if we’re willing to put our name on something – you can rest assured quality was at the top of the list during design, sourcing, and production.

As an added bonus, the 180ah bus bars this kit comes with are jaw-dropping.  Our logo has been laser-etched into the ultra-smooth passivated aluminum surface, and each piece has been expertly designed with counterbores deep enough to completely obscure the bolts.  This not only adds to the streamlined aesthetics, but also makes mounting much easier by providing a flat surface instead of mounting bolts protruding from the bars opposite the cells.

15ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Cylindrical Cell (48)
4S12P Bus Bars (5 pieces total)
Bolts (96)

Technical Specifications:

Chemistry: LifePo4
Config:  4S12P
Resting Voltage: 13.35v
Charging Voltage: 13.8v – 14.8v
Discharge (10s): 1,200a
Discharge (30s): 1,000a
Discharge (constant): 800a
Max Charge (10s): 540a
Max Charge (constant): 360a

Safe with OEM lead acid/AGM battery:  YesNo isolator or special equipment needed.

*Q:  You claim this battery supports 1200a burst rating, but a 20k watt amplifier.  Explain?
*A:  Amplifiers tend to pull much more current when they are being tested on a dyno using a static 1 ohm load.  In real-world use, a typically 20k watt amplifier that does rated on a test bench will produce around half of that wattage on music after factors like box rise and wiring resistance.  This is why you see amplifier companies (Taramps, Sound Digital etc) state that on music you can expect to see a 12,000w amp use a maximum of around 600 amps.  a 20k amp will use a maximum of around 1000 amps.  Clipping, especially rebassed music can push these numbers higher but should generally be avoided in order to prevent damage to your equipment.


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