Lishen – DIY Kit – 40ah


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DIY Lishen Kit

Here at Glowe Voltage, we are always looking for the best high performance cells we can find to help keep your high-wattage amplifiers happy and well fed.  That’s why we are happy to introduce these 40ah Lishen!  Get huge amounts of power as well as solid amounts of storage in a small footprint using only four cells.  This kit comes with everything you need from busing, a 5a active balancer, and even epoxy plates to separate your cells.  DIY doesn’t get much easier than this!

Ideal for people running up to a 6k watt amplifier with a stock alternator.

Check out the load test here:

350a Burst (12v+)
240a Constant
Max 14.8v charging


(4) 3.2v 40ah LifePo4 cells
Custom Bus Bars
5a active balancer
Epoxy plate cell dividers


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