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Glowe Voltage

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This listing is a PRE-ORDER listing.  We have 1,000 1/0 awg copper lugs (5/16″) with a conductive ceramic coating incoming.  These are not gold plated, the ceramic’s finish is a reflective gold.

Not pictured is the “Glowe Voltage” logo that will be laser etched into the top of the barrel.

Please be aware that we have not had the opportunity to test these yet.  Tests leading up to this have all exceeded expectations, but there are unknowns with using this finish on a lug.  We don’t know how the barrel will look when crimped.  We don’t know what will happen when it’s crimped into a cold-weld with copper/tinned copper/aluminum wire.  No one does, yet.  This is the first time these have been made – ever.

We expect to see contact resistance reduced by 3-10 micro ohms per connection.  It’s not a massive amount – but every little bit can help.  Lower resistance = lower voltage drop = smaller amount of energy wasted and turned into heat.

But they might suck.  We don’t know what we don’t know.  By placing your order you acknowledge that.

Estimated shipping is the first week of July.


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