20 AH – High Discharge LifePo4 | DIY Pack

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4 pack – 20ah LifePo4 High Discharge Batteries

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4 pack – 20ah LifePo4 High Discharge Batteries

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20 ah High-Discharge LifePo4 cells

These are the latest cells being offered by Glowe Voltage!  20 amp hours of fury ready to support over 5,000 watts on music for the DIY enthusiast in a tiny package!  Massive amounts of power at a price never seen before now.

Don’t believe us?  Check out the testing we recently performed here:

This product contains everything you need to get set up including the cells, necessary bus bars, and an active balancer to make building your new battery easy.

4s Configuration:
30 second discharge:  255a over 12v
Recommended Charging (v):  13.9 – 14.8
Max Charging (a): 210a
Recommended Charging (a): 140a

Don’t put these under your hood.  Maximum operating temperature should not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

6″ * 1″ * 3.5″ (L/W/H)

Note: this is an unassembled group of four cells.  If you are not familiar with how to top balance LifePo4 cells or wire an active balancer, we recommend checking out one of our pre-assembled batteries that will get you set up with amazing power without the needed assembly.

*Supported wattage based on several amplifier manufacturer’s maximum music output ratings. 
      -Taramps Bass 5k maximum music consumption:  209 amps

1 review for 20 AH – High Discharge LifePo4 | DIY Pack

  1. Brandon

    Absolutely a powerhouse packed in a small 📦!!

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